“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

Through project ‘Abhaas’ we educate school students on Cyber Security, Fake-News, Cyber Fraud, Cyber Bullying and protection of personal data.

The team Social Curae has delivered more than 100 online and offline focused training sessions which has impacted the digital life of more than 7000 students.

Under the banner  of ‘Abhas’ our team in collaboration with the District Traffic Administration educates the masses about Road Safety Measures and Traffic Regulations.

Team Social Curae conducts awareness sessions on substance abuse, child abuse, mental health, child rights protection , socio-legal rights.

We employ different tools and technology like workshops, presentations, Suryeys & Polls, creative activities like poster making, team building, street plays, story/poetry writing to make ‘Abhas’ as a life learning lesson. 

About Us

Social Curae is a non-governmental organization which envisages to bring change in the society by sensitizing the public and being the change for a better tomorrow.

We are proud of our legacy, initiated by Lt. Mr. D.K. Joshi, a visionary and an environmental activist of high regard.

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