‘Curae Brigade’

‘Curae Brigade’ is a mini world of socialization, providing a platform to various young minds, who desire to be social activists, a platform to perform activities for social welfare.

Time and again ‘Curae Brigade’ comes up with its volunteer programs specially designed for students who wish to contribute towards the social welfare.

The ‘Curae Brigade’ volunteering program works on “Least Resources and Maximum Contribution”.

 ‘Youth Brigade’ is operating following projects:

Swachta Heroes

“I think a hero is any person intent on making this a better place to live” Maya Angelou

Our ‘Swachta Heroes’ are dedicated  towards making our country clean. Endorsing the motto of  ‘Swachh Bharat Shresht Bharat’ a clean India Mission initiated by Government of India They regularly organize cleanliness drives.


Geo Guardian

Geo Guardians are environmental conservators working on fields to ensure greener tomorrow. Their love and passion for the environment brought them here. Throughout the year, our ‘Geo Guardians’ work for Forest, Wildlife, Wetlands, Groundwater-Conservation and better quality air.

The Geo Guardian undertakes several nationwide plantation drives, through its ‘Plant  a Life ‘Campaign. This initiative of Social Curae evokes people’s love and compassion towards plants by encouraging them to take a plant home and nurture it.

The Geo Guardians also responded to the problem of declining ‘Air Quality Index’, depleting wetlands and water bodies (Picture)

Research Curator

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”


Our Research Curators help society by educating them on various socio-political issues. Research Curators  develop  news snippets, articles, blogs, poems, stories, and monologues. Our Research Curators identify the contemporary events and launch awareness campaigns making citizenry vigilant about their rights and duties.

Team Social Curae in order to nurture good research skills also organize  several events like Essay Writing Competition, Judgment Writing Competition to sensitize and encourage people to contribute in the decision making process.

 Green Curators

Our ‘Green Curators’ are our environmental activists.  Our ‘Green Curators’ work for the environmental issues through representation before appropriate Administrative and Judicial bodies. They efficiently use the Mechanism of ‘Right to Information’ Public Service Delivery in order to ascertain the liability of  Environmental Polluters.  

About Us

Social Curae is a non-governmental organization which envisages to bring change in the society by sensitizing the public and being the change for a better tomorrow.

We are proud of our legacy, initiated by Lt. Mr. D.K. Joshi, a visionary and an environmental activist of high regard.

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