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 Social curae invites applications for its ambassador program. We are looking for great and bright individuals who have verbal communication skills and would use their power of persuasion for making other participate and join social curae. They would be working in close coordination with organizers of ambassador program.

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Curae Brigade

‘Curae Brigade’ is a mini world of socialization, providing a platform to various young minds, who desire to be social activists, a platform to perform activities for social welfare.

Time and again ‘Curae Brigade’ comes up with its volunteer programs specially designed for students who wish to contribute towards the social welfare.

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Maitreyi educates women about personal hygiene, sanitization, reproductive health and their legal rights. We provide free legal aid to those who are in need and aren’t capable of fighting their battles on their own due to lack of knowledge, support and resources.

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The Social Curae Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for growth, knowledge and meaningful service. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and hardworking and are interested in the betterment of the society.


Hanker to create social impact and gain work experience along the way, then an internship in Social Curae is the way to go. Interning at Social Curae will take you out of your comfort zone and help you to work and grow.


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About Us

Social Curae is a non-governmental organization which envisages to bring change in the society by sensitizing the public and being the change for a better tomorrow.

We are proud of our legacy, initiated by Lt. Mr. D.K. Joshi, a visionary and an environmental activist of high regard.

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