Abhinav Shrivastav

AOR, Supreme Court of India

Kunwar Pal Singh

Advocate, Supreme Court & Delhi High Court

Tariq Ahmed

Advocate, Supreme Court & Delhi High Court

Abhinav Singh

Advocate, Allahabad High Court

Vaibhav Shrotria

Legal Head Rajasthan at Equitas Small Finance Bank

Ritika Malhohtra

Ashima Pandey

Advocate, Madhya Pradesh High Court

Maitrayee Bordoloi

Advocate, Guwahati High Court

Hisham Ahmed

Advocate, Kerala High Court

Shashank Singh

Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court

Prabhakaran R

Advocate Supreme Court of India, Chennai High Court Attorney of Law USA

Ms. Anamika Singh

M.Tech. YMCA, Faridabad

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Social Curae is a non-governmental organization which envisages to bring change in the society by sensitizing the public and being the change for a better tomorrow.

We are proud of our legacy, initiated by Lt. Mr. D.K. Joshi, a visionary and an environmental activist of high regard.

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