Social Curae envisages to bring about change in the society by sensitising the public and being the change for a better tomorrow. A few initiatives include: Maitreyi, Abhaas; We are listening etc. 

Our Ongoing Projects

Maitreyi educates women about personal hygiene, sanitization, reproductive health and their legal rights. We provide free legal aid to those who are in need…..

Team Social Curae conducts awareness sessions on substance abuse, child abuse, mental health, child rights protection , socio-legal rights.

Curae Brigade’ is a mini world of socialization, providing a platform to various young minds, who desire to be social activists, a platform to perform activities for social welfare.

Ehsaas’ is an Environmental Conservation project aiming at awakening the consciousness of individuals to attain a Greener-Tomorrow.

Legal Assistance

Social Curae believes that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on the basis of equal opportunity. Social Curae works for legal activism to ensure a brighter and better society.


Social Curae consists of a nationwide network of Academicians, Environmentalists, Lawyers, Paralegals, and Whistleblowers serving those with limited access to the justice system, engaging in advocacy, conducting litigation in the public interest, running helplines, and conducting legal awareness.


Social Curae runs various initiatives focusing on a broad range of legal, human rights, environmental issues. The Committed team of Lawyers on board does necessary legal correspondence to further the objective of organization.

About Us

Social Curae is a non-governmental organization which envisages to bring change in the society by sensitizing the public and being the change for a better tomorrow.

We are proud of our legacy, initiated by Lt. Mr. D.K. Joshi, a visionary and an environmental activist of high regard.

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